San Diego Chargers 2015 Schedule Revealed


The San Diego Chargers 2015 schedule has been released

There are a number of questions surrounding the Chargers and the roster at the moment. Will we have Philip Rivers on the team for the 2015 season? Will we get Eric Weddle signed to a long-term deal? What will this team look like when we kick things off for the 2015 season? At least we know what the schedule looks like now with the official schedule release.

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The Chargers will be competing to get into the playoffs again as the roster currently stands. Philip Rivers will be leading the offense at quarterback and the team will pick up a top running back in the draft. The offense likely will get another offensive lineman to help keep Philip standing.

Last season, the Chargers just missed out on the playoffs with a 9-7 record. We would have made it in if we were able to win against the Kansas City Chiefs in the final game of the season. Unfortunately, the Chargers were unable to make that happen and we have had a long offseason. The offseason seems to be even longer this year with all the rumors flying with the quarterback and Los Angeles.

Since Peyton Manning has entered the division, the Chargers have been fighting for second place. Can the Chargers finally get over the hump this season? Peyton finally looked like the age was getting to him at the end of the year, so it could be that time for the Chargers to make another run at the division.

There are still a lot of question marks on the roster, but they should all be answered by draft day. We will find out who will be running the ball. We will find out who will be playing right guard. We should have a good idea on how the team will perform when we find out who we brought in.

Here is the 2015 schedule for the San Diego Chargers:

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