The Chargers Need to Make Eric Weddle Happy


Eric Weddle is opting out of OTA’s because he is unhappy with his contract situation. It expires at the end of this upcoming season. The San Diego Chargers are already dealing with drama regarding their franchise quarterback, Philip Rivers. The last thing they need or want is to also have their franchise defensive player unhappy.

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Weddle has done so much for this organization and even though he is 30 years old, he still plays like one of the best safeties in the NFL. Last year was one of his best yet for San Diego. For the second time in his career, he was selected as First Team All-Pro. He also made his 3rd Pro Bowl. He also had 91 tackles, the second highest total in his 8 seasons with the Bolts.

The Chargers need his leadership as they try to build their defensive identity. Some people think he is doing this so he can get more money. He is already one of the highest paid safeties in the game. This is about him retiring as a Charger. He has said numerous times that he wants to retire with the Bolts. He has a nice home in Escondido with a nice, big family. He doesn’t want to go anywhere else. This is about making sure his future is secure for him and his family. They are making plans to live long-term in the San Diego area.

He doesn’t want to pick up and move after this season. He could go down as the greatest safety to ever play for the Chargers. He deserves a contract that will make him a Bolt for life. He is third on the all-time list for tackles as a Charger, just behind Gary Plummer and Junior Seau. I have a message to the Chargers: make this man happy. We cannot afford to have both faces of our franchise disgruntled.

My family is good friends with his family. This is about staying in San Diego and being a Charger for life, not being the highest paid athlete on the planet. The front office needs to figure out how to make him and Rivers happy or this team will be very different in 2016.

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