Let’s All Calm Down For A Minute, San Diego


Take a deep breath, Charger fans.

Yes, it might seem like our world is coming crashing down before us with so many issues in front of the whole Chargers organization. It seems like the status of this team is day-to-day, and each of us might be waking up cringing at the moment when our phones tell us that somebody got traded, or the NFL said this, and a pretty big one, Los Angeles. It all comes down to one simple thing: timing. And we all know what timing is.

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First, let’s look at Philip Rivers. He has one more year left on his contract. He has passed on an opportunity to extend it with the Chargers. Now the media has taken that and ran with it with all kinds of predictions about how he will be traded come draft day. Those are all rumors though, and almost 99% of rumors turn out to be false. I honestly believe that he wants to remain a Charger…in San Diego (more on that later). And everybody in the front office has re-iterated that they would like to see Rivers retire in powder blue.

Then there’s Robin to our Batman, Eric Weddle. On Monday, he was missing from OTAs because he has felt “very, very disrespected” by the organization for not wanting to extend him. He made it very clear to the media that he would like to retire a Charger.

The 2015 NFL draft is on April 30th in Chicago. We’re less than 10 days away from finally figuring out who will join this team in 2015 as rookies. Only then will we find out what Tom Telesco’s true intentions are with the future of the organization. Whether he drafts a running back in the first or second round, or does to the defense, I’m pretty sure it will be a good addition with all of the due diligence both him and Mike McCoy put in each year with each of their selections.

And the best for last, the stadium issue. Pressure is mounting both in San Diego and with the NFL, as 2015 will be the year the league (and the teams) decide what will happen. There are three teams all racing for their golden ticket to Los Angeles, and most likely one or two of them will be there in 2016. Sure, you can say that they all want to stay in their current homes (maybe except for St. Louis, whose owner is in the best position to move their franchise, and willingly too I might add.)

All four of these topics have exactly one thing in common: bad timing.

Three of these pressing issues can be major issues in any other offseason, and then there’s the huge one that only comes up every 50 or 60 years. Reality is that they’re all happening this offseason, so we have to deal with it right now. It’s like the perfect storm is about to happen: we’re either going to survive it at the end with everything in place, or everything will be gone and we’d be left in shambles.

Obviously each of these is going to take time, and most of these issues (except the draft) stem from one major thing: the stadium. Rivers came out publicly saying that he doesn’t want to move to Los Angeles. Weddle’s heart is in San Diego, but is willing to move on from the team if the team moves.

And we haven’t even touched what’s awaiting us next offseason with Antonio Gates and Corey Liuget both set to hit free agency, that’s if Dean Spanos and company are still here.

Bad timing is all it is.

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