Ameer Abdullah has been talking to San Diego Chargers


Nebraska Rb Ameer Abdullah has talked to the San Diego Chargers quite a bit. 

Nebraska RB Ameer Abdullah has been talking to the San Diego Chargers and he has been talking to them quite a bit.

Here is the opening of his draft diary with USA Today:

I’ve talked to more teams than I’ve worked out for recently. I’ve talked to the San Diego Chargers quite a bit. Talked to the Arizona Cardinals, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Miami Dolphins, the Atlanta Falcons. It’s mainly position coaches, or scouts if they want to set up a workout or something.

The San Diego Chargers are the first team that was mentioned by Abdullah and he even said that we have talked to him quite a bit. Seems like the Chargers are very interested in bringing in Abdullah onto the roster. Abdullah would be a great fit for the team. He makes people miss in the open field and he knows how to break tackles. He doesn’t have the best size as some of the other backs in the draft, but he picks up positive yards after contact and will find a way to break loose from tackles.

Adding Abdullah onto the roster would be an immediate upgrade to the team. He is a playmaker. He can pick up big chunks of yards because of his ability to shake loose from defenders. He would take the bulk of the carries for the Chargers and fits the type of player that Tom Telesco likes to bring onto the roster. He was one of the most productive backs in his college career and is the best back in Nebraska history. Tom loves production.

With the Chargers, he could take the ball on 1st and 2nd down and would be a threat running the ball and catching the ball out of the backfield. He would be a nice threat to add for Philip Rivers and teams would have to respect the run game with Abdullah standing back there.

Abdullah is widely thought to be the 3rd best back in the draft. Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurley are ranked higher and are expected to be taken before him. The Chargers could have a shot at taking Abdullah in the 2nd round.

I would love this selection. Abdullah is one of my favorite backs in the draft. He will have to work on his ball protection a little bit, but his ability to make people miss cannot be taught. He picks up big chunks of yards and finds ways to break tackles left and right.

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