Is it time for Chargers find replacement for Philip Rivers?


With Philip Rivers unsigned after this season, is it time for the San Diego Chargers to find a replacement for Philip Rivers? 

Is it time to find a replacement for Philip Rivers? We don’t have to talk about trading him away, but should we be looking to find his replacement in the draft? Is that something that needs to be a priority when we are coming down with the draft plan?

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Philip Rivers is on the last season of his contract and he has not signed an extension at this point. If he doesn’t sign an extension, then the priority of finding a quarterback will be high. Without the guarantee of Philip staying for a few more seasons, then the team will have to invest one of their draft selections on someone that can take the starting quarterback position in a couple of seasons. They would get a chance to learn under Philip for a season and would also get comfortable in the league with his teammates for a season.

The Chargers have brought in a few quarterbacks this offseason as a possible draft selection. Marcus Mariota is the big name that the Chargers brought in for a look, but the team still had their eyes on other players in the draft. The team could look at Bryce Petty or Garrett Grayson as possible replacements for Philip. This definitely could be the final year of Philip Rivers and the grooming process could begin for some of the young quarterbacks in the game.

The main determining factor will be Philip Rivers. Will the team be able to sign him for a long-term deal? Otherwise he can walk away and the team would be screwed without a proper player to take the starting job. The team can always slap a franchise tag on him for another season if he becomes a free agent, but will they want it to come down to that. The team also has to work out a deal for Eric Weddle at the end of the year.

They will figure it all out, but it all rides on Philip. He hasn’t really given us the answer that we have been looking for at this time. He still doesn’t have a new deal. What does Philip want to do? The future at the position is riding on his decision.

Is it time to find a replacement for Philip Rivers?

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