Should Chargers look at running back in 1st round?


Should the San Diego Chargers look at running back in the first round of the NFL Draft? 

What position should the San Diego Chargers focus on in the NFL draft? There are a number of holes that needs to be filled on the roster and everyone has their opinion on how the team should fill it.

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Here are the 3 position that I believe that should be picked up in the first few rounds of the draft: Running back, Offensive line, Pass rusher. Let’s focus on the running back spot. Where should the team select a running back?

The running back spot is a need with Ryan Mathews gone, but I don’t know if the team should spend their first round selection to take one of these guys. The first round should be used on a player that can make an immediate impact, but the players that are expected to be available in the first round have a few question marks.

Melvin Gordon seems like a great back, but was it because of the offensive line that he was working with during the season? He had one of the best lines in the game and there were a number of runs that you and I could have taken for 20 yards.

Todd Gurley looks like a legit back, but he is coming back from a knee injury and he has not allowed team doctors to look at that knee. That seems like a big time warning. Will he be able to stay healthy in the league? Haven’t we had a running back on our roster with that same question mark for too long?

It seems more appropriate for the team to find a pass rusher or an offensive lineman in the first round. The team can still find talent later in the draft at the running back position in the next couple of rounds. The draft is deep at this position and there is no need to use the top selection unless they truly believe that Gurley or Gordon will be Ladainian Tomlinson.

There is too much talent at the position that will be available  to use our top selection on one of those guys.

Should Chargers go running back in first round?

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