Mike McCoy speaks about Stevie Johnson’s fit on roster


Mike McCoy talked to the media about Stevie Johnson’s fit on offense with the San Diego Chargers. 

San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy was available for the medie and he spoke about the role that new WR Stevie Johnson will play with the team. McCoy talked to his former Buffalo Bills coaches to get some feedback on Stevie.

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“Obviously they’re not coaching the receivers,” McCoy said via ESPN. “But they talked about what type of guy he was there and the success he had. Watching the film, it speaks for itself. Now, I know he didn’t have the production that he wanted to have last year in San Francisco, but he’s a very explosive player. I think he can do a lot of things that we would want another receiver to do in a unique role.”

He had a good reputation with the coaching staff that was in Buffalo during his big seasons with the Bills. He will have to adapt to the San Diego Chargers type of football. He will have to show that he can be a playmaker with Philip throwing him the ball. It will be a new adjustment for the offense and for him.

“We’ve got to get him in our system first, because it’s different, going from Buffalo to San Francisco, and now with San Diego,” McCoy said. “He’ll get with Philip, and we will figure out what the two of them do best together. And if he’s the best route-runner in a certain situation, we’re going to do a lot of it and let him run it.”

Eddie Royal did well in the slot for the Chargers. He worked well with Philip, but he chose to play football in Chicago. Philip and Stevie will have to build up that same chemistry and find his proper place on the offense. He won’t step in and do all the things that Eddie used to do on the team. He will bring his own flavor to the offense and the Chargers will have to find out the best way to make him succeed. If Philip and Stevie can get on the same page, then the future will look bright on offense.

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