Should the Chargers consider Randy Gregory if he slides in draft?


Randy Gregory failed a drug test during the NFL Combine, but has the talent of a top 10 player. Should the Chargers consider drafting him if he slides? 

Should the San Diego Chargers take a chance on a talented player that failed his drug test during the NFL Combine? Should the Chargers take a chance on Nebraska’s Randy Gregory if he falls to the Chargers selection?

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Gregory is projected to be a top 10 talent in the NFL draft. He has the ability to make plays in the backfield and get to the quarterback. He has the skills that the San Diego Chargers are in need of, but he made a stupid mistake. The news of his failed test was released last night and teams have to be questioning if they are going to take him in the Top 10.

Gregory knew that he was going to be tested during the NFL combine, but he wasn’t able to put down the ganja for a bit before the test to ensure that he passed. That is ridiculously careless for a top prospect entering the league.

Gregory has the skills to be an excellent football player. He will make a lot of plays in the backfield with his closing speed. He is tenacious and will be a playmaker. It is the type of player that the Chargers would love to have.

If he were to join the San Diego Chargers, he would likely line up as an outside linebacker and would be asked to blow up plays in the backfield. He would team up with Melvin Ingram on defense and could shift to the defensive end role when the team used 4 down linemen.

The Chargers need playmakers on defense. If Gregory slides all the way to the Chargers selection, he has to be considered despite his stupid mistake. How far will he slide? Are the Chargers willing to look past the weed?

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