Can Branden Oliver be the lead back for the San Diego Chargers?


The San Diego Chargers staff believe that Branden Oliver can be a lead back. Do you think that he can take that role? 

Branden Oliver is not a lead back. This is what he has been hearing ever since he has been in football. He doesn’t have the size or the capacity to take on the role. He has proven people wrong at every level and is looking to do the same in the NFL. Will he get that chance with the San Diego Chargers?

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I don’t think he will get that opportunity to be the lead back with the San Diego Chargers though. He was a nice flash in the pan for the San Diego Chargers last season, but he couldn’t handle all the carries as the season got longer. The team should be looking to add another back to the roster that can take a bunch of the carries.

Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy want us to believe that we have the backs that can handle the load already on the roster. Danny Woodhead, Branden Oliver and Donald Brown would have to split the reps, but this group doesn’t seem to give the Chargers a lot of hope on offense.

Woodhead is a solid 3rd down back and is a great receiver out of the backfield, but we know that he can’t take on the duties of the lead back. That is why we tried to sign Donald Brown in the offseason last year.

Brown was supposed to be the back to take the load if Ryan Mathews were to go down. Ryan went down, but the running game disappeared with it and Brown wasn’t able to keep it afloat.

The only player that was able to produce anything was Branden Oliver. Branden had a couple of nice games, but he wasn’t able to sustain success.

Nobody on the roster has proven that they can take the load as the lead back. Mike McCoy and Tom Telesco have said that Branden would be able to have success in the role. Do you think Branden Oliver can carry the load as the lead back?

Can Branden Oliver be the lead back for the San Diego Chargers?

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