The Philip Rivers trade rumors will not die


The Philip Rivers trade rumors do not want to end and die. How can we get this madness to stop? 

The Philip Rivers trade talk will not die. It has been flying around for a while and the Chargers keep bringing in different quarterbacks in for workouts. The team needs to prepare for the possible departure of the quarterback since Philip doesn’t want to commit past this season.

Maybe Philip Rivers won't be traded. Maybe he will. Party line from Chargers this week is it's "not on radar." Haven't said "never."

— Michael Gehlken (@UTgehlken) March 25, 2015

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The best way to end all this talk would be to get Philip to sign a long-term deal, but for some reason he does not want to make that happen. Why wouldn’t he want to stay with the Chargers? We made the trade on draft day to bring him to San Diego and he has led this team for almost a decade. Now he wants to test out free agency? Now he wants to find a team that can build the talent around him? Could he be looking to find a team that can give him a chance at a Super Bowl? Could he look to fill the spot that Peyton Manning leaves in Denver at the end of the year?

The trade is not on the radar at the moment, but the more that Philip denies signing a long-term deal, the more we will be hearing more about it. Draft day could get real interesting in San Diego. If the team still doesn’t have a deal lined up with Philip, then we will all be on our toes as all the selections are made. Will the Chargers pull off that trade with the Tennessee Titans to get the 2nd pick in the draft and then select Marcus Mariotta with the pick? Will the Chargers pull off a trade with Tampa Bay to take the 1st selection in the draft?

The fans would hate to see Philip traded off of the roster, but would we rather see him walk away from the team and be compensating nothing in return? Would we rather see him sign a deal to play for another team and we would then have to scramble for a new quarterback? If he doesn’t want to commit, then we will be forced to think about other options.

Philip holds all the cards. If he does get traded it would be because he does not want to commit past this season. Does Philip want to stay in San Diego?

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