Chargers Draft Trends : Recent playmakers haven’t panned out


As I was evaluating at the Chargers roster today, a revelation dawned on me. I looked at the skill positions and thought about the last time the team drafted an elite play-maker. Keenan Allen is far and out the most productive offensive weapon selection in the last 9 drafts. A first round talent, Allen fell across draft boards due to injury concern. The Bolts took a chance and it paid off big time. However, as a whole the Chargers haven’t quite struck gold in terms of play-makers via the draft. In fact, both 6th and 7th round investments from last year were cut prior to the season opening. The biggest play-makers in the team’s recent history have either been undrafted(Gates, Oliver & Floyd) or picked up via veteran free agency(Woodhead & Royal). The Chargers have a glaring need for a feature workhorse running back this year which will likely be filled through the draft. They also could use another receiver to compete for reps and develop into a future starter. The receiving group got a boost with the recent addition of Stevie Johnson, but Malcom Floyd isn’t getting any younger.

Here is a breakdown of the drafted RB’s, TE’s, and WR’s drafted since 2006

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  • 3rd round- Keenan Allen : WR California





  • 4th round- Gartrell Johnson : RB Colorado State
  • 7th round- Demetrius Byrd : WR Louisiana State




  • No offensive skill positions drafted

Here is a list of Chargers weapons who will be free agents following the 2015 season:

With that said, the importance of this draft for all positions cannot be overstated. In particular, the skill position players need to pan out. While an early round bust could set the Bolts back in a major way, a gem could propel their offense to a whole new level. If the team truly wants to keep Rivers around beyond his contract expiration in 2016, they will invest in weapons to help create balance and exclusiveness on offense.

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