Marcus Mariota to work out for San Diego Chargers


The San Diego Chargers are bringing in Oregon QB Marcus Mariota in for a workout. 

There is an interesting prospect that will be working out with the San Diego Chargers this offseason. The San Diego Chargers will be working out Marcus Mariota, per Now that is an eye opener.

Why would the San Diego Chargers do a private workout with Mariota? This is the first time in forever that we have had a private workout with one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. What master plan do they have at Chargers park? Could we have a blockbuster in the making?

Mariota is not expected to be available when the Chargers make their selection in the draft. If the team wants to get him, they would have to move up the draft board to make that selection. Something doesn’t seem to make sense. Teams are limited in the number of private workouts that they can have with prospects and the Chargers are using one of their workouts on Mariota.

Why would the Chargers do that?

Philip Rivers will become a free agent at the end of the season. He has one more year left on his contract and will be free to go wherever he would like. If he has not enjoyed his time with Mike McCoy or Tom Telesco, then he can find a new roster to join.

What roster would he want to join? He could find Norv Turner, but Norv has Teddy Bridgewater with him in Minnesota. That would have been a match that Philip would have liked, but Minnesota won’t be interested in adding Philip with Teddy. Philip loved Norv as the head coach and I could see them pairing up again.

How much did Philip like Ken Whisenhunt? How much did Whisenhunt love Philip? Now this is where rumors are born. Philip had one of his best seasons with Ken running the offense in San Diego. I am sure that they both have a mutual respect for each other. Guess which team holds that number 2 selection in the draft? The Tennessee Titans and Ken Whisenhunt. Have the Chargers and Titans talked about a possible trade?

Could there be something in the works here? Now this would be CRAZY, but would it be impossible? Ken would want a long-term deal done with Philip before it were to happen. There is no way that he would take Philip on a one-year rental. I am sure that Ken would love to have him though. The Titans have struggled for a while without a solid quarterback running the team and could use a player like Philip to turn their fortunes around.

When Tom and Mike first came to town, we wondered if they would stick with Philip Rivers as their quarterback. He has done well the last couple of seasons for them, but could they be looking for something else? Something that Tom can claim as his own? Does Mariota have what it takes to be a superstar and does Tom have the cajones to make this move.

San Diego fans would lose their minds with a trade like this, but the possibility is there. The Titans have the room under the cap to make a move like this. The Chargers could look to start their new life in Los Angeles with a new quarterback to run the team.

How far from reality is it? Really?

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