San Diego Chargers Free Agency To-Do List


Here are the list of things that the San Diego Chargers still need to get done in free agency

Here we are on Free Agency Eve.  It appears that many teams, including our Chargers, have been busy peaking at their presents and have leaked what they are to social media.  What ever happened to the sanctity of the day?  Well, nothing is official until tomorrow and Free Agency will go strong for a couple of weeks as teams look for bargains outside of the top 20 free agents.

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Before we get to the official starting gun of Free Agency lets take a look at what the Chargers need to take care of in Free Agency.  I have not deviated much from my first offseason mock, you can check out the details of that here.

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To-Do List1. Re-sign Dunlap – Done2. Re-sign Flowers – Done3. Re-sign Royal – Pending.  Royal was a big part of the offense last year.  If we don’t bring him back it makes me wonder if Keenan might be moving to the slot and Inman/Pettis taking the other outside spot opposite of Floyd.4. Re-sign Orhnberger – pending.  Looks like Orhnberger will test the free agency market again this year.  He did the same thing last year and did not find much interest and ended up re-signing with the Chargers a couple of weeks into the free agency period.5. Pick up a DT – Pending.  I hope tomorrow brings us good news of a signing of a DT.  I doubt it will be Suh, but hopefully someone to take the spot opposite of Liuget.6. Pick up an OT – Done.  Welcome Orlando Franklin.7. Add a safety – pending.  I’m thinking Nate Allen would be a good addition.8. Add a returner – Done.  Welcome Jacoby Jones.9. Add a OLB – With JJ hanging up the cleats it would be nice to have a veteran here.

If we get the rest of this list completed is should set the Chargers up nicely for the draft.

What moves by the Chargers do you think might surprise up when Free Agency officially opens?

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