Would you want Reggie Bush with the Chargers?


Reggie Bush was released from the Detroit Lions on Wednesday afternoon. Some Chargers fans would be interested in seeing the back come to San Diego. 

The Detroit Lions have released Reggie Bush on Wednesday afternoon and I know Chargers fans will have an interest in adding Bush to the roster. He is a San Diego native and is a solid option in the passing game. Is he a good back for the Chargers though?

If he were able to stay on the field he would be a nice option. Already sounds like a back that we have had on this team. If he were able to pick up yards in between the tackles he would be a solid back as well.

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If he is not our main running back and is used in the manner that Donald Brown was supposed to be used, then I would love to have him on the roster. He would present a solid threat on this roster and could get a number of dump offs from Philip Rivers in the passing game.

Ryan Mathews is an option that the team could go with as the back to take the bulk of the carries. The Chargers have met with his reps and could work out a deal with him. If he were to be back on the roster, then having another solid back like Bush on the roster would be necessary since Mathews is likely to go down at some point during the year.

Bush has the same type of injury history as Mathews. He is an offensive weapon though. Bush can make people miss in the open field and can help in the return game. He would be mostly a threat in the passing game. I like him as a player, but he shouldn’t be looked at as a solution for the running game problems. He could help out in many other ways though.

Would you want Reggie Bush to be on the San Diego Chargers? Would you want the San Diego native to join the team? If the team is sable to get him at a good price, I would add him to the roster right now and cut Donald Brown.

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