Would the Chargers consider Percy Harvin?


Percy Harvin could be available in free agency and the Chargers are being mentioned as a possibility.

Percy Harvin could be released off of the roster in New York. He was traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the Jets in the middle of the season and now could be available for all the teams soon as a free agent. He could be on his 3rd team in 2 seasons.

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Pro Football Talk believes that the Chargers would be a team that could be interested in Harvin if he were to become available. Harvin would be able to sign on with a short contract with the Chargers and play with a solid quarterback. He would then be playing for his next contract. That is the best type of contract to get him with.

Harvin is a playmaker on the field, but has the reputation of being a headache in the locker room. Without thinking about the issues that he would bring off of the field, let’s look at the contributions that he could bring onto the field for the Chargers. He would be an amazing player in the slot for the Chargers. He is one of those players that can hit the home run any time that he touches the football. He would immediately our top threat on offense if he were to step on the field. Extra eyes would be given to Harvin and that would open up things for the other players on the field.

Imagine defenses trying to stop Harvin, Antonio Gates Danny Woodhead and Keenan Allen with Malcom Floyd going over the top. It would be a nightmare for defenses.

Harvin could also take some snaps from the backfield to help in the run game. He has the speed to get the edge and knows how to find the hole. He could also add value as a returner. The Chargers have not had a solid return specialist in a while and could use someone to take over that hole on the roster.

Will the Chargers want to deal with the headache though? The Seattle Seahawks gave up on him in the middle of the season and still went ot the Super Bowl. Would the Chargers want to deal with his possible injury concerns as well? It definitely would be a surprise signing for the Chargers, but one that would be welcomed.

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