Does Telesco Want To Bring Back Danario Alexander?


 Danario Alexander wants to make a comeback, will the San Diego Chargers want to sign him?

Remember Danario Alexander? DX84? The Chargers signed Alexander midway through the season about 3 years ago on a one year deal. The kid made an outstanding appearance that year. It seemed like every time Rivers chucked the ball up, Danario somehow, someway, came up with a huge play for the offense. He was just a breath of fresh air for this team that was struggling at the wide receiver position at the time, the people of San Diego loved him, and it was just a Cinderella Story from day one. What happened?

We all know Danario Alexander had a troubled past with injures, in the off-season he tweaked his ACL for the second time in his career during off season training and that forced the Bolts to let him go later that year after spending the season on Injured Reserve. His legs just couldn’t take it anymore, at the time he had suffered way too many injuries to the lower body than any normal human could. Its been about three years since then. Danario is aiming for a comeback, and if you are following him on Instagram, check out his last post. He wants to come back to football, and it looks like he wants to be a Charger again.

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Could Danario be the answer to the reason why we haven’t picked up a big name free agent wide receiver since his release? Could this explain why Tom Telesco did not use a high pick on a wide receiver last year in a DEEP receiver class? Is Telesco willing to let Eddie Royal walk in Free agency and bring back Alexander for cheap? Now that this is all starting to pan out, I really do believe that Telesco released Danario Alexander to get healthy. And it has been like 2 and a half years! And now that it has been almost three years, DX84 is healthy and ready to make a comeback. If you really think about it, it really all does tie in.

What do you guys think? Danario Alexander is SUPER TALENTED. He is still only 26 years old and he was heralded to be one of the best receivers in the NFL out of college. When he was still with the Chargers, Antonio Gates said, “Danario is THE BEST receiver I have ever worked with.” Wow. That has got to mean something from the Future Hall of Famer. Gates is saying that DX is better than Malcolm Floyd or even Pro-Bowler Vincent Jackson. Imagine the Chargers Wide Receiver corps with the addition of Alexander. If we ended up keeping Royal we would be STACKED, and that would allow the Chargers to use Alexander as like a 3rd string receiver so we don’t break him with too many reps.

This is going to be a very interesting offseason especially with the story of Danario finally tying back in. Will Telesco work him out at the Free Agent combine? It will definitely raise some eyebrows if we hear Alexander’s name popping up again. Will Telesco still consider drafting a rookie WR this year? Will he drop Eddie Royal in favor of Alexander to save money? All of these questions are really knocking in my head after I saw that Instagram post. What do you guys think? Would it be a good thing if we bring back Danario Alexander now that he is healthy and ready for a comeback? Or should we just pass? Feel free to join the conversation below! Remember Bolt Up for 2015!

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