Location will not be a factor when Philip Rivers hits free agency


When Philip Rivers becomes a free agent at the end of the year, the location of the team will be a determining factor for where he signs. 

Philip Rivers will be a free agent at the end of the season and he has been a little hesitant to share his future intentions with everyone. It might be because he is not sure on what those intentions are at the moment. He doesn’t know if he will be staying with San Diego, playing in another city or possibly retiring.

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I couldn’t see retirement as an option for the competitive quarterback. He does have a number of kids that he has to take care of though and that could be calling for him fairly soon. Just can’t see it happening until he has a ring or until his talent is deteriorated to the point that he cannot perform.

Another factor that could determine his status for the next few seasons is this Los Angeles situation that has been forced down our throats for the last week. Will the Chargers be playing in San Diego or will they move the team out to Carson? What will the Chargers be doing? Philip Rivers would like to know as well.

Philip Rivers said that it would be a factor in his decision on the Darren Smith show. His family is in San Diego and he wants to keep them here. He wants to end his career in this beautiful city.

The Chargers are still looking to find a new stadium to call home. If they are not able to make it happen in San Diego, then they will have to head to another city to make it happen. Carson could be that location and that could mean that we don’t see Philip in the blue and gold any longer.

At the end of the day, Philip Rivers will likely re-sign with our team and be running the show for the next few seasons.


Seems that the tweet from Marty was incorrect.

Here was the actual response:

There’s one difference I have to watch it at a different level as you do because this something that clearly affects you much more on a personal level. So if they were to approach you about a contract extension, how much do you ask about this sort of stuff? (17:08 mark)

“Oh, yeah. Definitely. It would definitely come into the conversation and I would beat down believe they would tell me everything they know.  If that conversation happened today, I just don’t think they know right now. It would certainly be part of it. I’m thankful and hope I get to have that decision but is the location of this team going to be a deciding factor? I can’t honestly tell you that it will be. Does it factor at all? Sure. I can’t tell you that it’s at the top of the list because it just really is not. It’s just not. That goes without saying that I really hope we’re staying. Should we move it doesn’t move to the top of my list of deterrents to not be a Charger.”

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