Tom Telesco plans to meet Ryan Mathews’ agent at combine


The San Diego Chargers plan on meeting Ryan Mathews’ agent during the combine to discuss a possible deal. 

Tom Telesco plans on meeting with Ryan Mathews‘s agent this week to discuss a possible contract for the young back. He is entering free agency and will be able to sign with any team this offseason.

Telesco says they'll meet with Ryan Mathews' agent at the Combine

— Marty Caswell (@MartyCaswell) February 18, 2015

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Ryan has proven to be a solid player on the roster when he is on the field, but his availability hurt the team last season. He dealt with a number of injuries and couldn’t stay on the field. It has been the same issue that he has dealt with during his whole career. We could use his production at a consistent basis, but we never know if the next hit will keep him out for a few weeks.

Telesco will get a feel on what kind of deal he can get with Ryan. With his history of injuries, he might come at a cap friendly deal. Branden Oliver then could serve as a solid backup to Ryan and Danny Woodhead would also be back next season to help with the depth at the posititon.

If the Chargers were to re-sign Ryan Mathews this offseason, the team would not need to look at adding another back to the roster via the draft or free agency. Mathews would be a solid signing for the team, but he has the potential to blow up in our face with his next injury.

Would you want the Chargers to look at re-signing Ryan or would you want them to move on to another direction? If they can get him on a short inexpensive deal, then it seems like a temporary solution that can work out for the Chargers. I think he would be a nice player to have on the roster despite his history.

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