LSU OT La’el Collins to meet with Chargers


LSU OT La’el Collins will meet with the San Diego Chargers. 

The San Diego Chargers will meet up with LSU OT La’el Collins. This will be one fo the first big name tackles to be linked with the Chargers. Collins is expected to be one of the top 3  tackles drafted and will be taken in the first round.

LSU OT La'el Collins says he has a meeting set up with the Chargers

— Marty Caswell (@MartyCaswell) February 18, 2015

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The San Diego Chargers could look into adding the tackle in the first round and move D.J. Fluker inside on the line. The talk of moving Fluker inside will be a topic of discussion until the day of the draft. Collins would then play at right tackle and Fluker would move inside to right guard. The team also could move Collins inside at guard and keep Fluker out at tackle.

The offensive line woes were evident last season for the Chargers. Philip Rivers could barely get time to throw the football and he had to fight through back injuries during the year because of some of the hits that he took. The team will be looking for any upgrades that they can make on the line and the team loves having versatility with their players up front. Collins spent time at guard and at tackle during his college career at LSU.

If Collins were taken by the Chargers he would be an instant upgrade to the team’s running game. Imagine Collins with Fluker on the right side of the line. We would have some people movers on the right side. That should create some nice holes to run through for the running backs. The Chargers could lean on the running game a little more this season and take some of the pressure off of Philip Rivers and his arm.

The Chargers will be looking to add some talent on the offensive line this offseason. Telesco has never been too active in free agency, so the draft would be the most likely spot where the team adds talent for the roster. Colling will be a possibility in the first round when the Chargers make their selection.

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