Mel Kiper Mock Draft: Chargers Draft Melvin Gordon


Mel Kiper released his latest mock draft and he has the Chargers selecting Melvin Gordon

The latest mock draft by Mel Kiper has been released today on ESPN and they have an interesting selection for the Chargers. Let’s look at the selection from Kiper first and then we can talk a bit about it.

13. . <strong>Analysis:</strong> There hasn’t been a running back taken in the first round since 2012, when Doug Martin (No. 31) and David Wilson (No. 32) went back to back at the end of Round 1. Branden Oliver gave the Chargers good value at the position last season as a rookie after going undrafted out of Buffalo, but the fact that they needed so many reps from the undrafted free agent shows the depth chart is thin if injuries strike. Gordon is has the kind of game-changing talent that puts this position back into play this early. He was simply unstoppable even when everybody in the stadium knew he was getting the ball in 2014, and while he piled up the reps, he emerged healthy. San Diego could really use this kind of weapon to take the pressure off Philip Rivers. Gordon is a home-run threat.. RB. Melvin Gordon. 17

I have been on a kick lately on the Chargers taking the top running back in the draft. We should either take Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon. Both are going to be studs in the league.

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Almost every Chargers fan is going to hate this idea since they want to fix the offensive line. The offensive line does need help, but can you remember how bad the run game was also?

The run game is a product of the offensive line, but do you remember what a good running back can do despite that offensive line? Ryan Mathews was able to make things happen when he touched the ball last season despite the struggles up front. He made the offense better by getting on the field. Ryan is Mr. Glass though, so we can’t rely on him to take this offense to glory. The team will have to look in another direction. Nobody that is on the roster can do what Ryan was able to do. They have to look toward the draft for someone with that special factor.

Melvin Gordon can bring that factor to the Chargers immediately. He could create manageable 3rd down situations and could pick up that tough yard or two on short yardage situations. He would give the team an upgrade on offense immediately. The offensive line needs to be fixed, but so does the running game. Getting a top notch player at the position should be a point of emphasis.

I like this selection. I would want Gurley more, but I like the thinking. I doubt that there are many of you that agree with it though.

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