Philip Rivers will not need back surgery


San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers will not need back surgery in the offseason

At the end of the year, there were questions on if Philip Rivers would need surgery on his bad back. He was having issues, but was still getting onto the field to play in the games. We know that he will step onto the field if he can walk though.

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We weren’t sure if some of his struggles were due to the injury or if it was because his line was not giving him much time to work with. It was likely a combination of the two. The bad back came because of all the hits he was taking in the games.

It turns out that Philip will not need surgery on his back and he will just get some rest before he gets back onto the field.

Rivers on KGB: Back injury is not recquiring surgery.. back to my regular workouts..wife and I played Tennis.. hit the golf ball a few times

— Judson Richards (@Judson1360) February 10, 2015

He has been doing extracurricular activities with his wife and seems to be getting back into the swing of things. He has plenty of time to rest his back before training camp meets up again.

I am sure he will be watching this offseason by the Chargers intently. He will be hoping to add some really good players in front of him on the offensive line. If the team is able to get that done, then he should feel a little more comfortable to get the ball to his receivers. He won’t have Nick Hardwick standing in front of him any longer, so he will have to trust in some other players to get the job done for him. Jeromey Clary also will not be up in front either. There will be some new players holding it down up there.

Philip Rivers can be one of the best quarterbacks in the league if the team can get him the time to throw. We already know he is one of the toughest quarterbacks in the league. If he can walk, he will get on the field to play the game. He wasn’t able to walk the best toward the end of the year, but he still was leading his team in hopes for a victory. The team needs to keep him standing.

Philip needs a little help on offense. He needs the offensive line to give him time. He needs the receivers to make space in the secondary. He needs his running backs to create some easy conversions. There were times last season where he was not getting any of that help and it showed in his play.

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