Nick Hardwick once drank a bottle of his own piss


Retired San Diego Chargers C Nick Hardwick once drank his own piss for $1300. 

I never had heard this story in the past, but it came to light today when Eric Stangel (Executive Producer/Writer Late Show with David Letterman) asked him “5 dumb questions.” Apparently, newly retired San Diego Chargers C Nick Hardwick once drank a bottle of his own piss for $1300. Did he get enough money to do that?

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Here is the question that was asked from Stangel:

4- Eric: Your former Charger teammate Kris Dielman told a lovely story about how you drank a bottle of your own urine for $1300. A guy who is willing to drink his own urine must have done something equally disgusting. Can you give us another one?

Nick Hardwick: Drinking my own urine was as far physically as I have gone. Now there’s plenty of other stories that I’m going to go ahead and plead the fifth to before I incriminate myself.

He drank his own piss! That is straight disgusting!

There were some other great responses in that interview and I encourage you to check it out, but that response stood out the most. That is the guy that used to lead our offensive line! A man that would do anything. He would even drink his own piss!

We will miss Nick on the field. We will miss him in the huddle and in the locker room. He has been a great player for the team for so long and you can see it in his teammates eyes as he said his farewell to the game.

The Chargers will be moving in a new direction at center. Hopefully there will be plenty of crazy stories to tell of the new guy that takes over the job. That would just mean that he has locked down the position for a good amount of time. We need someone to anchor the line up front and create some time for Philip Rivers to throw the ball.

The new center in town could be Chris Watt. He was selected in the draft last season to take the role with the team, but there is a long offseason that we will have to endure to see if he will take hold of that job.

We wish Nick the best during his retirement and we hope that he brushed his teeth out with some bleach after he drank down his own piss.

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