Nick Hardwick has Chargers colors running through his blood


San Diego Chargers C Nick Hardwick has blue and yellow running through his blood. 

Coming out of Purdue, Nick Hardwick was drafted in the 3rd round by the San Diego Chargers. We didn’t know what we were getting when he was brought onto the team, but 11 years later the city has won his heart. This team has won his heart. He has won our hearts.

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With Nick Hardwick officially announcing his retirement today with the team, he has hand written a letter to the fans of San Diego. Here is a little snippet from it.


I vow to support the San Diego Chargers unconditionally until the day I pass.  I compel you, Chargers blood, to join me with the steely resolve that will be required from this city to ensure that we can accomplish what every one of us wants and deserves to accomplish; a Super Bowl Championship, right here, in America’s Finest City, San Diego.

I love his last line of that letter. He makes sure to state that the Super Bowl Championship should be brought here to America’s Finest City, San Diego. SAN DIEGO!

That is the type of loyalty and leadership that we will be missing from the huddle. He wasn’t available for most of last season and we saw how bad the line had fallen from one season to the other. He was a key player for the Chargers. It will be tough to find a replacement.

Without him on the roster the team will need to find someone that can provide leadership and respect to the huddle. The team will need to find someone that is willing to lay it all on the line for his team, for his city and for his quarterback. It will be tough to find someone that can fill that gap in the middle, but it has to be a priority in the offseason.

Chris Watt was being raised up to be the center of the future. He had never played the position in college while with Notre Dame, but he worked his way through the offseason at the position and finally was given the chance to start at the position toward the end of the year. He, like many others that played the position for the Chargers, was injured and didn’t finish the year.

Did Watt get enough exposure at the position to give the team confidence that he can do well? We will see how the team decides to do in the offseason.

Can Chris Watt be Nick Hardwick? That is a lot to live up to.

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