Should the Chargers try to re-sign Ryan Mathews for a 1-year deal?


Should the San Diego Chargers try to re-sign Ryan Mathews to a 1-year deal? 

Would you be opposed to bringing back Ryan Mathews on a 1-year deal? He has shown that he can be a solid running back for this team if he can stay on the field, but he has to be able to get on the field. We don’t know if he will be able to do that and trusting someone with a long-term deal with that instability is asking for issues.

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Signing him for a 1-year contract would be a risk that the Chargers might have to live with. They don’t have anyone on the roster to take over the starting gig at this moment. Branden Oliver might be the guy to take it over, but he still has to prove himself. He did some nice things in his opportunity, but still looks like a 3rd down back at this moment. If he gets another season behind Ryan, he might prove to be a player that we lean on much more in the future.

We know what Danny Woodhead can do when he is on the field. He is a dynamic playmaker, but he is not an every-down back. He will be coming back from the injury, but he still wouldn’t be used in the every-down role.

There still are doubts that Donald Brown will make this roster. He played terrible when he was given the opportunities last season.

A short-term deal is the only way that we should consider Ryan for this roster. If he proves that he can stay injury-free for a season, then we would just get him another year or two.  We could try to work out a deal like we did with Donald Butler and have a clause that will allow us to leave early.

If the team brings back Ryan Mathews for another season, it would give the Chargers some time to find a consistent player to take over the position. They could go in the draft and find someone to compete for playing time in the later rounds. They can also give Branden Oliver a bit more time to show his value. It would buy time.

The draft has plenty of backs that could help this roster. Keeping Ryan around for another season would give them time to develop. It also wouldn’t be a priority for the Chargers to select a back in the draft if Ryan is on the roster.

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