Wade Phillips would be frightening in Denver


The San Diego Chargers fans are familiar with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Phillips could be joining enemy territory in Denver. 

The Denver Broncos are building up their coaching staff and one coach that they have on their radar is former San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. After the hire of Gary Kubiak as the head coach in Denver, it would make sense for him to pursue Phillips to become the new defensive coordinator in town.

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Kubiak hired Wade Phillips to become the defensive coordinator in Houston in 2011 and they spent 3 seasons coaching that team. Phillips has always been an aggressive coordinator, looking to send the blitz often at quarterbacks. With players like Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware on the roster, the Broncos would look to hit the quarterback often. It was already scary facing off against that Broncos defense, but it could get even more frightening. 

The Broncos are rumored to have Vance Joseph at the top of their list for the defensive coordinator position, but the Cincinnati Bengals are not allowing the Broncos to interview him. While the Broncos are hoping for them to change their minds, they are interviewing some other coaches that can take over the job . Phillips is one of the coaches that is a possibility.

We are very familiar with what Phillips can do as a defensive coordinator. He had coached some of the most entertaining defenses that we have seen in Chargers history. It was one of the best with Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips coming off of the edge harassing quarterbacks. Jamal Williams would stuff things up in the middle and the middle linebackers flew all around all over the place. Donnie Edwards and Randall Godfrey were everywhere. Stephen Cooper became a stud in the middle as well.

That Chargers defense looked like it would take us to the Super Bowl. That team looked like it had so much promise. Then the coordinators picked up head coaching jobs with other teams and that led to the firing of Marty Schottenheimer. There was so much potential on that roster. It all went to waste.

Phillips is a good defensive coordinator. He is aggressive and will force teams into turnovers. If he has Peyton Manning leading the offense on the other side of the field, then Phillips can sit back and send his defense after quarterbacks all game long.

Phillips is interviewing with the Broncos today and could become the new coordinator in town. I wouldn’t be too excited to face his teams twice per season. Especially with some of the talent that they have on the Broncos defensive roster. Our priority remains the offensive line and with a possibility of facing off against an aggressive defense, we have to ensure that the line is ready to create time for Philip Rivers.

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