Philip Rivers will pass on Pro Bowl with back injury


San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers will not participate in the Pro Bowl in Arizona. He will skip out to rest his ailing back. 

Philip Rivers has decided to pass on the Pro Bowl this season due to his back injury. He was struggling with the back injury toward the end of the season, so the rest could do him some good in his recovery. Instead of heading out to Arizona to play in the game with the other stars in the league, Philip will take the time off to heal and hang out with the family.

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With the New England Patriots and Tom Brady heading to the Super Bowl, a spot became available for Philip to play in the Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl plans are not going to work out with the injury though. I wonder if he would have played if the game was still in Hawaii?

Philip started out the year looking like an MVP candidate, but after getting hit often he started struggling with some of his passes. He didn’t get much time in the pocket to throw the football and didn’t have much of a run game to help him out on offense. Ryan Mathews was hurt for most of the season and the offensive line saw a ton of turnover during the year.

Philip finished the season with 4286 passing yards and 31 touchdowns to 18 interceptions. A lot of those interceptions came toward the end of the year. 13 of his 18 interceptions came in the 2nd half of the season.

Philip said that the back injury had no affect on his performance during the season though, but the numbers seem to say different.

“It had no effect on my performance, good or bad the last few weeks; it really didn’t. The back maybe was a little tougher over the last few weeks, but it wasn’t, ‘If I didn’t have a bad back, I would have made the throw.’ That was never the case. … I felt good enough to play.”

Philip is an ironman and will play through all of his injuries. He has started in 144 straight regular season games in his career and doesn’t plan on missing another one any time soon. The Pro Bowl is a different story for him. This is a game he doesn’t have to participate in.

Philip had been selected to the Pro Bowl 5 times in the past (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013), but he will choose to skip out on this game.

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