Philip Rivers will be added on Pro Bowl Roster… might not play


San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers will get invited to the Pro Bowl after this round of the playoffs. Will he decide to play in the game? 

Philip Rivers will be called up to the Pro Bowl in Arizona. With Tom Brady and Andrew Luck in the AFC Championship game, one of them will be heading to the Super Bowl and that will open up a spot on the roster for Philip Rivers if he wants to play. Will Philip want to play?

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Philip was battling a back issue and some other bumps and bruises at the end of the season. Those bruises could keep him at home instead of on the field. The rest that he has had since the regular season could have him itching to play another game though. The game will be held in Arizona, so it doesn’t have that Aloha spirit that it used to have. That could deter the vet from playing in the game as well. It used to be a nice little vacation for the players, but now it is in a location that they see from time-to-time.

I hope Philip gets out on the field to play in the Pro Bowl if he is healthy. It would be nice for him to play with some of the superstars in the league in a game that is just for entertainment. Philip has had a tough season with all the stress that his offensive line had on him during the year, it could be nice change of pace for him to play in a game like this.

At this moment, Eric Weddle is the only Chargers player that is invited out to Arizona for the game. Philip will be also invited as soon as this round of the playoffs is complete. Antonio Gates and Darrell Stuckey could get invited as well if some other players back out for the festivities.


Philip Rivers joins Pro Bowl roster, still to decide whether he'll play:

— Michael Gehlken (@UTgehlken) January 13, 2015

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