The Fall of Peyton Manning?


Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning is starting to show his age. The San Diego Chargers could take advantage of it next season. 

Peyton Manning is not the same quarterback as he use to be. He is not playing like that Hall of Fame quarterback that we all have seen in the past. We started to see his downfall toward the end of the season and his final performance of the season ended against his former team, the Indianapolis Colts.

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Peyton Manning finished the game 26-for-46 throwing the ball and only had 211 passing yards. After throwing 46 passes, you would think that Peyton Manning would have more yards than that. He only threw 1 touchdown in the game and the Broncos lost 24-13. He lost a fumble in the game and the Colts dared him to beat them with the deep ball. He wasn’t able to get it done.

Peyton Manning only led his team to 13 points on offense!

The Broncos offense is not going to be the same. Peyton Manning is starting to decline. It is visible and it will allow the Chargers and other teams in the AFC West to take over the top of the standings. Peyton is 38 years old, so it was bound to happen at some point. Defenses are going to play Peyton the same way that the Colts did this weekend. They are going to force him to beat them over the top. Will he be able to do it? Does he have the arm to get it done?

His last 4 games of the season, he threw 3 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. He didn’t throw an interception in the playoff game, but he lost a fumble. People could see the decline coming. What are the Broncos to do now?

How will Peyton perform next season? He will be another year older and his production will likely continue to decline.

I don’t think the Broncos will finish at the top of the AFC West next season. It will either be the Chargers or those pesky Chiefs. Peyton is not the same.

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