Is San Diego Even Thinking About A New Stadium?


News broke on Wednesday about a proposal to build a new Ferris wheel near the Midway Museum and would be located right on the San Diego Bay. Developer Discovery Point proposed the new plan and would cost nearly $200 million to build.

According to Discovery Point, the project would be funded by private investors.

So what does this have to do with building a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers? It really doesn’t, but I wanted to point out the reaction this project received once it came out.

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On social media alone, people kept pointing out the fact that we need a new stadium first or how they would rather the city use that money toward a new stadium. Obviously the city would not be paying for a project like this, so that really doesn’t matter.

But something else to take notice of are the financial projections from this particular project. Discovery Point managing director Charles Black is projecting that a Ferris wheel on the bay front would attract between 1.7 to 2.3 million visitors per year, which would gross between $60 to $70 million per year. It can only make you think about the endless possibilities of what a new stadium might do for the city financially.

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Obviously there are plenty of different plans being thrown around for a new stadium, which all of them come with their own different projections on how much revenue would San Diego gross each year. Considering that one of the bigger proposals puts the city of San Diego in line to contribute a great sum of money towards it, most, if not all of that revenue would come back to San Diego for the next couple decades.

Yes, there are PLENTY of factors that involve each of these completely separate projects, but what’s most encouraging is the fact that San Diegans are beginning to think about this whole stadium thing.

And the debate continues. Make sure to leave your comments below!