Predicting the AFC Wild Card


I thought predicting the Chargers to get a spot in the playoffs would be easy, but the more I look at AFC Wild Card Race the more I realize how difficult it is to predict.

With one 8-4 team (our beloved Chargers) and six 7-5 teams battling for two Wild Card spots it is going to be a crazy finish to the season.  One would have to think that it is going to take at least 10 wins to make it in. So which teams can get to the 10 win threshold?

With one 8-4 team (our beloved Chargers) and six 7-5 teams battling for two Wild Card spots it is going to be a crazy finish to the season.

Two teams we can eliminate:

Bills: Their remaining schedule is brutal – at DEN, GB, OAK,at NE.  I predict they go 1-3 and finish at 8-8.

Browns: This team has been very inconsistent, signature wins (over CIN) mixed with disappointing losses (JAGS).  Their remaining schedule – IND, CIN, at CAR, at BAL.  They might win two, but three is not likely.

The front runners:

Baltimore:  The Ravens have the easiest schedule remaining – at MIA, JAX, at HOU, CLE.  They could win the last 4.  Only good news here for Bolt Fans is that we hold the tiebreaker with the Ravens.

Miami: The fins also have an easier schedule – BAL, at NE, MIN, NYJ. (I know it does not look that easy, but compared to the rest of those in the mix, it is.)  If they had lost on Sunday night we could have removed them from this list… but alas Geno let us down.  The Baltimore game definitely looks like a must win for them. Bad news here for Bolt fans, Miami holds the tiebreaker with us.

Chargers:  They have a brutal schedule left but they are also a game up on everyone.  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  Remaining games – NE, DEN, at SF, at KC.  The bolts need to win two.  It’s easier for me to write a scenario where they lose all four than it is to write one where they win all four.  Bolt Up Guys!  It’s time to get ‘er done.

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In the mix.

Chiefs: Remaining Schedule – at ARI, OAK, at PIT, SD.  Tough schedule and they need to win 3.  If they win this week in Arizona they are very alive, if not… tough road.  It’s a real possibility that the playoffs may start for SD and KC in week 17 when they play a play-in game for the last spot.

Steelers: Here is another team that has been wildly inconsistent.  They stomped the Colts and Ravens in back to back weeks and then fell to the Jets.  The remaining schedule – at CIN, at ATL, KC, CIN.  Three wins is possible here.   The KC/PITT game may decide which of these teams have something to play for in Week 17.