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This is Philip Rivers Time to Shine


Philip Rivers was back to his old tricks on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. He did’t get much time to throw the football during the game and that especially was shown in his first pass attempt in the game. He dropped back for a pass and his arm was hit on the throw forcing an interception.

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Tough way to start out a game for the team, but Philip was not going to let that throw him off. Philip had an epic performance against a defense that was looking to bring the heat. The Ravens wanted to mask their poor secondary by bringing pressure, but Philip picked the team apart. Philip took advantage of every opportunity he was given, He used the quick passing attack to set up some deep shots to Malcom Floyd. He used Antonio Gates on third down when he found the matchup he liked… and he liked it almost every time. He hit Keenan Allen on some big plays down the field.

Philip Rivers looked like that MVP performer we saw earlier in the year. It was a thing of beauty and when it all was in his hands to win the game, he can up with a clutch performance. He brought out some late game heroics for us. The way he was playing during the day, we should have expected it out of him. He marched the team down the field with quick passes to Keenan Allen and then tested out the officials with the deep pass to Malcom in the end zone. With the defender hanging on Malcom, we forced the pass interference and the rest was history.

Imagine Philip rolling again. Imagine him playing like this for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. With him performing to this level, this Chargers offense will be tough to stop.

Philip played like an MVP to start out the year despite the pressure team’s were bringing up front. He was able to do it again on Sunday. He did it last week against the St. Louis Rams. He is heating up while the weather is getting cold. We all have heard about Philcember by this time, with Philip holding a 30-7 record in the month. The opponents this month have to be aware.

The schedule will be tough, but with Philip running the quarterback for this team, we will be able to compete with the best in the league. Just give Philip the ball and he will make things happen. This is Philip’s time to shine.