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Mike McCoy: Newspapers don’t win games


Head Coach Mike McCoy might hate press conferences more than New England Patriots head  coach Bill Belichick. Mike always gives generic answers to all of the questions that are thrown at him. He just runs around in circles with all of his answers. He might as well just take the approach of Marshawn Lynch when he deals with the media.

Just answer each question with one word answers. It couldn’t hurt him to answer the questions like that at all.

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With the latest press conference, the media was questioning him about the use of Ryan Mathews at the end of the game. Why wouldn’t the media ask about Mathews when he was averaging over 8 yards per game. He was sitting on the bench while the team gave the ball to other backs instead while the team was trying to preserve a lead.

McCoy wasn’t too fond about people questioning his decisions in the running game and shot back with this response to the press:

“Newspapers don’t win games.”

OUCH. How is the newspaper going to react to that response on their next article!??!

Here is one quick response:

Mike McCoy told me newspapers don't win games. I replied that he sure does talk about them a lot, though.

— UTKevinAcee (@UTKevinAcee) November 24, 2014

It should be fun to see how the media reacts to this one. The questioning is not going to stop for the head coach. Every decision that he makes will be looked at under a microscope. It always has been and always will be. That is part of his job as the head coach. If a coaching decision doesn’t work, then the media definitely will give their opinion or will throw the question out there to him.

I would like to know why the team decided to go against using Ryan Mathews in the game toward the end. Was it his busted shoulder or was it because they were afraid of him fumbling the football? The questions about the use of Ryan Mathews will continue as long as Mathews keeps performing on the field and if the coaching staff decides to pull him in certain situations. Why wouldn’t you get him the ball in the red zone if he is running like a beast throughout the day? Seems best to go with the guy that has been running well over the other options.