What is the future of San Diego Chargers RB Donald Brown?


What can Brown do for you? What has Donald Brown done for the Chargers. In his short stint with the team, he has not lived up to expectations and has had to take the role as a 3rd down back with Danny Woodhead injured. What role would he have if Woodhead was still on the team?

Brown was brought onto the team to backup Ryan Mathews. He was supposed to provide help in the run game if Mathews were to get injured. We all knew that Ryan would get injured at some point and it was a matter of time till we saw Brown hit the field. Instead of carrying the run game, we struggled and he allowed an undrafted free agent to take his role on the team. Branden Oliver is now the backup on the team and will be used as the starter if Ryan Mathews were to go down again.

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I know the offensive line sucks. I know that there needs to be some holes in order for him to pick up some yards… but why is it that Brown is the only back that has not shown any potential on the field? Brown has not had any big runs and he tends to lose more yards than he gains. He has to have the most negative plays on the team.

The team signed him to a 3-year deal to hold down that roster spot on the team, but he has not shown any potential with the team. He has played in 7 games this year and has a total of 149 yards. He averages 2.3 yards per carry. Ryan Mathews and Branden Oliver average 3.6 and 3.7 yards per carry.

What is his value?

The only reason why he is able to get into the game at this point is because of his ability to block for the quarterback. So when he is in the game, just count on him to be blocking and send in another defender to get after Philip.

He has no value to this team next season. The team should release Donald and use some of his cap savings to keep Ryan around or bring in a different back to carry the load. Branden Oliver can be a change of pace back and Danny Woodhead will be back next season as well. I was hoping Donald was going to provide some help in the run game but he has done nothing to this point.