Chargers vs Dolphins | 3 Key Players on Defense


The San Diego Chargers have to find a way to win on Sunday and they will have to find a way to stop Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins passing game. Tannehill has had more confidence of late and the Dolphins hold a winning record going into the game. They have the home field advantage, so the Chargers defense will have a number of things that they will need to do in order to slow down that team.

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Here are some key defensive players that will need to step up on Sunday.

Brandon Flowers 

First, Brandon needs to play. Sitting on the bench has not been any good for the team. It got Richard Marshall fired. Brandon likely will get matched up with Mike Wallace on defense. He has to beware of that deep ball. Wallace is lightning fast and can bust open for a deep pass in an instant. Brandon will need to prevent the deep ball.

Eric Weddle 

We need him to get his hands on the football more. We need him to step up and make some plays to stop the passing game. We need Weddle to get his spidey senses going and get to the football and create some turnovers. The team has not had many in the last couple of games and we need to get back on that game.

Weddle is one of the best in the business. He has to find a way to make a play this game. The defense needs someone to play superhero for a day. Weddle can be that guy.

Dwight Freeney 

Remember when he was getting in the backfield all the time disrupting the play? Where is he now? Is he getting too many reps? He likely is getting onto the field too often, but there are not many other options on the roster with all the injuries. We have too many players visiting the doctor and the old man is the guy that has been seeing the field the most.

Either way, we need him to get a strip sack in this game. We need more turnovers from this squad.

The defensive key players are all guys that can create a turnover. We need more of them and these guys can make it happen. Let’s force some turnovers and get the ball to our offense on a short field!