Antonio Gates is Playing Like His Younger Self


I would like to be the first to toss all the negativity that we have been witnessing the past couple weeks. Forget about the atrocious secondary and our never ending injuries, and lets take a moment to look at the positive side to our football team. This is probably something that nobody saw coming this season, many football analysts said this player is washed up and his backup is ready to take the ropes. Many have questioned his ability to even perfom at a high level again, and many, even fans, suggested that he should retire. The man that we are talking about here is no other than #85, Antonio Gates.

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Antonio came into the 2014 season after battling annoying injuries all throughout the 2013 season, which really hindered his playmaking ability. Many foreshadowed Ladarius Green to take his spot by the end of the season. But that is not the case anymore. For those that have not noticed, Gates is still playing strong, and is still proving everybody why HE IS one of the greatest Tight Ends to play the game of football and to also revolutionized the way the position is played.

So far this season, Gates has a total of 9 touchdown receptions. That is good enough to tie for the most so far this season. Gates is leading all Tight Ends in the league right now with the most 20+ yard plays. He currently has 7, the next best has 5. Gates is making a run for the Hall of Fame, and man is he making a grat impression. What better way can a man beat Lance Alworth‘s team record for most pass yards? Easy, haul in a 9 yard toudown reception on primetime television. And Antionio Gates did that exactly. He has officially became the Chargers greatest receiver EVER. Yes, EVER. And to top things off, Philip Rivers and Gates are THE GREATEST Quarterback/Tight End duo ever, sharing a toal of 69 touchdown passes amogst eachother. The next closest is Tom Brady and Gronkowski with 48.

Alas, my  fellow Charger fans. Let’s not mope on the losses we have suffered the past couple weeks. Yes, they really do sting, but lets look at the poitive side of things. The story of Antonio Gates and his legacy as a Charger is a great way to look at the brighter side. When you really think about it, that is something the other teams in our division cannot brag about, heck its something most of the NFL league can’t brag about. Seeing Gates play at such a high level this season has really brought back memories of a younger Antonio Gates I would watch growing up. And man, that is a wonderful sight for sore eyes. Here is to many more years of great memories Antonio Gates, keep crushing them.

When the GATES are open, the RIVERS flow! Bolt Up!