Chargers @ Denver: No Surprise Here


Oct 23, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; San Diego Chargers running back

Branden Oliver

(43) runs the ball during the first half against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers 21 – Denver Broncos 35

Tonight was a rough game, if you are a Charger fan. There wasn’t much to write home about, and I imagine we will be ranked somewhere near 17 in the power rankings this week. I think most of us saw this coming. Injuries have mounted, penalties have plagued us, we had no pass rush, no coverage whatsoever, no running game, an awful offensive line, no run defense, and no nose tackle. There wasn’t much dinero for TT to work with, so you can only do what you can do.

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It seems like everyone is going through a funk right now, or injury. Allen & Green are not as explosive as expected. Verrett & Flowers, and Attouchu are, but can’t stay healthy. Ingram & Mathews continue to be beasts on the field, but not out there often enough. Fluker, Rinehart, Ohrnberger, and Troutman are a hot mess. They are even starting to rub off on Dunlap, who has been the only bright spot. If I had to hand out the biggest disappointment award for the year, it would have to be to Butler. He has been just ghastly. Te’O is a close second, but he isn’t on the field.. Butler is!

I want to give Weddle a shout out. He keeps making plays, and his team keeps letting him down. I know he doesn’t pay any mind, as usual. When you have guys like Marshall, Wright, and Gilchrist blowing every other play. You just have to draft a high round safety and CB next year…. again. The secondary depth looked hopeful entering the season, but it is not very deep.

So, game recap? This team is playing with one hand behind it’s back, and they have to go to Miami, where they ALWAYS struggle, next week. Then they get a bye. Then they get to come back to the (presumably) hardest part of their schedule. We have so many questions at this point, but not many answers. It’s too early to say this team is done, and can’t get better. It’s also too soon to say that we can’t make the playoffs.

If you ask me, I think that Verrett, Flowers, Wright, and Weddle will lock down the secondary. Te’O needs to come back and STAY back. Mathews, Clary, Ingram, and Attouchu need to get back asap. I think you will see the best of Oliver, when Mathews comes back and keeps carrying defenders up the field, and tiring them out… remember that?

Those are injured players… here are players that aren’t injured that are on notice… Wright, Fluker, Rinehart, Ohrnberger, Troutman, Marshall, Gilchrist, Allen, and Green.

I am proud of Royal, Gates, Weddle, Floyd, Rivers, Dunlap, and a few others that don’t fit here or there.

Overall, this team WILL be in the playoffs. We have major injuries. Even Peyton has to admit that, and he did on national television.

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