San Diego Chargers Will Beat the Denver Broncos


The San Diego Chargers put up a stinker. Time to look forward to the Denver Broncos.

The San Diego Chargers lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. It is time to get over it and move on. WE WEREN’T GOING TO WIN THEM ALL!!!!

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It is time to get off of the sad horse and look toward the next game. I am sure I will look toward that stupid performance a few more times, but I will not go around saying that this team sucks or as I saw in some other blog… that this team is worse than last season. Why do we get super high on wins and then super low on losses?! This team is good and compete with the best!

We lost one game and we knew that the game against Kansas City was going to be tough. We knew that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to lay it all out on the field and give us a run for our money. They were just coming off of a BYE week and were ready to bring it. They did just that and we lost the game by a field goal.

Wipe that game away from the memory banks and look toward the Denver Broncos. The BIG BAD  DENVER BRONCOS!

We know that Denver Broncos are one of the best teams in the league. We also know that we can hang with them and that we know how to beat that team. We hung with them in all 3 contests last season. We have to play the same type of ball that Kansas City brought to us. We have to control the time of possession and we have to play solid defense and get off of the field on 3rd down.

We can beat the Broncos. We can beat Peyton Manning. We WILL beat the Broncos.

Get all the crying out of your system now on what we messed up and get ready for another win… and we will be talking about Super Bowls again.

That game against Kansas City was a wake up call for this team. The team that forgot about focusing on fundamentals. A team that forgot how to tackle. A team that forgot how to play smart. It all piled up in the crapfest against Kansas City.

Now it is time to bring it back to the level that we were playing earlier in the year.