The San Diego Chargers Will Beat the Kansas City Chiefs


The San Diego Chargers offense should be able to move the ball down the field on the Chiefs secondary and that will be enough to get the win on Sunday. 

4:05 PM ET, October 19, 2014Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA

Coverage: CBSLive Stream: NFL GameDay

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The San Diego Chargers have a tough task in front of them. I won’t even pretend like this is a game that should be easy. We knew that the Oakland Raiders would give the Chargers a little bit of a run since they are division rivals. The Chiefs will do the same. This will be the toughest team we have faced in a long time as well.

The Chiefs are not a huge slouch. They slapped the New England Patriots around,but I am not sure how much of an accomplishment that is.

Alex Smith can move the ball down the field and he tends to play things safe. That means he won’t force the ball down the field and leave a pass up for grabs for our defense. The Chargers still should be able to get to him and rattle hi up a little bit.

Their defense has a number of players that can get after the quarterback. Their biggest issue is covering the receivers though. This is where Philip Rivers will make his money. This is where Philip will pick their defense apart. He has already done his homework on the Chiefs defense and he noticed that they are not getting as exotic with their pressures on the quarterback. That means they run a basic defense and Philip should be able to read it and find his open man.

Since the Chiefs secondary has struggled covering receivers, Philip will be looking to get the ball to his playmakers. Eddie Royal, Malcom Floyd and Keenan Allen will get their opportunities to make plays in the passing game. Philip will find the guy that is open.

On defense, the Chargers will have to focus on stopping the Chiefs run game. Jamaal Charles is money when he gets in the open field and he has the speed to leave defenders in the dust. The Chargers will have to wrap up and make sure to bring him to the ground.

The Chargers offense should have a solid game and should keep the ball out of Alex Smith’s hands for most of the game. I expect the Chargers to walk away with a nice win in this one to go to 6-1 before heading to Denver.

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