Antonio Gates compares Chargers to the San Antonio Spurs


Oct 5, 2014; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) celebrates a with tight end Antonio Gates (85) after throwing a touchdown pass to him during the first quarter against the New York Jets at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Gates was talking about his current team and the makeup of the roster. He was speaking on how everyone on the team knows their role and they will not step out of that role. He was speaking about the veterans that keep getting their job done and the young guys that follow suit. He talked about Philip Rivers running the point on the offense and that is how the team has been successful.

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Here is what he said via UT San Diego:

“I like to view it like the San Antonio Spurs,” said Gates, the former college basketball player, referring to the defending NBA champions, who are known for their unselfish play. “The guys who have been around the longest understand our roles without feeling we have to step on anybody’s toes. And vice versa, the young guys understand they’re playing a role. That’s what makes it all go

“I’m the post man, and if they dump to me, I’ve got shooters on the wing who can make jump shots. Philip is the point guard, putting everything together. He throws it in the post, I kind of work it in the middle of the field, and if that’s something you want to take away, we’ve got guys who can hit the three. Kind of like the Spurs.”

The one piece that he forgot about the San Antonio Spurs is that coaching staff. Gregg Popovich is one of the best in the business and he gets that team focused to come in every game and put their best effort out onto the field. He is the reason why that team has the professional attitude and is the reason why that team is competing for the championship every year.

Mike McCoy has become that Gregg Popovich in this locker room. He has been able to round up the vets on the roster and get them all to play to the level that they need to play at. He has been able to get the rookies to buy into the system and get them to work as a team. He has been able to give the keys to John Pagano and Frank Reich to allow them the control they need to make this thing a success.

Mike McCoy is as big a part of this puzzle as any one of the players that is on the field. He hasn’t gotten much recognition around the league with his quarterback tearing the world to shreds and his rookie running back catching people’s eyes. Soon enough, the world will be talking about him in high regard. He has to be one of the leading candidates for coach of the year. After we win the division, there should not be any arguments on who should win it!