San Diego Chargers defensive line needs attention


Aug 15, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks outside linebacker Mike Morgan (57) blocks San Diego Chargers defensive end Tenny Palepoi (68) during the second half at CenturyLink Field. Seattle defeated San Diego 41-14. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

I have been harping about this San Diego Chargers defensive line for a while now and the Seattle Seahawks made it look like trash over the weekend. Again, I did’t see much of the action, but I have seen enough pieces to know that we are getting killed up front. It is not going to be a good look when teams realize they can run the ball all day on us. Just as good as our running game on offense will be, our running defense looks to be terrible this season.

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We never found someone to fill the middle of the defensive line this offseason. We are taking a chance on Sean Lissemore to be the nose tackle on defense for the entire year. It was an interesting decision, but the team might want to rethink about that option. Kendall Reyes continues to get pushed around in the run game and looks to be best used only on passing downs. The only problem is that there is nobody to step in and take his spot.

The depth on the line is a problem. Tom Telesco needs to find some help up front in a hurry. There are options in free agency if they want to go that route. A familiar face in Aubrayo Franklin is available and would be a nice option for the team up front. I would have him on the phone now. Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly are also options on the defensive front that are available in free agency. They would be in Chargers camp yesterday if it were up to me.

The secondary has better options, but we still didn’t find some people up front to make a push and to play this defensive scheme. This roster is better at a lot of areas, but there will be issues in the trenches on defense unless we make some moves. I believe that Tom Telesco is already looking around for the help. At some point we will need to stop pointing fingers at the roster and point the finger at the coach… I know there are already a few people doing that.