The Meltdown: “Tebow Would Have Won That Game” – Broncos Fan


Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Denver Broncos fans have a ton of confidence this season with the arrival of Peyton Manning. We can’t expect a complete meltdown from their fans like the Kansas City and Oakland fans are already having, but it is still awesome to see what they are complaining about.

Here is the meltdown for Denver (

Tebow would have won that game.

If you want to cause a controversy in a Denver Broncos board, just write something about Tim Tebow! It gets the fans fighting with each other. It is frickin great!

It was a colmplete debacle to watch these offical “referees ” the complete melt down was unbelievable, And do not forget the ramifications this will play for the near future. Goodell has to make up his mind, or the officiating will cause a riot amongst all fan’s.. how bad can it get?

We are going to RIOT? That is a little much! They SUCK, I understand, but everybody deals with the same idiot refs. Can we get the real refs back so that this is no longer a discussion. I am sure when they finally return, someone will say “can we bring back the replacements?” It is just the way we do things as crazy fans!

Rahim Moore continues to be a day late and dollar short. At some point QC needs to get back there.

There is a lot of hate for safety Rahim Moore from the Denver fans. He can be the starter for a few more games and the rest of the league can take advantage of him. They come to our house on Monday Night in week 6 and he can still be back there letting Malcom Floyd run by him.

Denver has to be careful too. SD has an easy schedule and can get a big lead in the division quite easily. Best case scenario is both teams are 4-2 by the end of week 6.

I love how the fans are already looking over their shoulder to the Chargers! Seems that all the AFC West fans forgot that we know how to play some football. We won’t be able to fly under the radar when we beat the Falcons this weekend.

They need to send decker and dumervil out tbe door along wih moreno.

Moreno is garbage.Dumervil is the most overrated de in the nfl.Decker? Just dont like the guy. Hes never around or makes plays when the game is in crunch time. That one pass went right through his hands at the 10 late in the game. Get a wr that can catch those balls poease.

Moreno has been AWFUL since being drafted!

I’m wondering who we will attack when we finally get our first loss. I bet we go after Jarret Johnson and ask to start Melvin Ingram. We probably go after Norv also, since that is the easy choice as the scapegoat. Jared Gaither can take a few more attacks as well.

The Chargers can keep me wondering about this for a few weeks though. I am not in a hurry to find out the answer on who we will attack.