The Meltdown: Chiefs Fans Hate EVERYONE!


Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

The MELTDOWN was meant to be used for our opponents fans losing their minds, but this weekend offered up a couple of losses within the division that makes Chargers fans smile. This post will be about the Chiefs and we will make another one for the Raiders.

The Chiefs were embarrassed by the Buffalo Bills and the fans HATE everything about their team! CHARGERS FANS LOVE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH!

I trolled onto our friends site, Arrowhead Addict, and saw some of these comments:

Sarcastically speaking. Its ALL Cassels fualt. Bills 200 yrds rushing/J.Charles 3 yrds rushn. Cassels fualt. Bills QB sacked ZERO times. Cassels fualt. Bills Scored 35 pts Cassels fualt. Chiefs oline giving up 6 sacks, Cassels fualt too. Wrs not creating seperation Cassels fualt. Defense not forcing any turnovers Cassels fualt. Long returns on special teams. Agian Cassel fualt. Hillis’s Fumble Cassel fualt. Not being able to put the team on yo back and will yo team to win despite all the above, Cassels fualt. As long as Cassel is QB every loss is his fualt! Im finally ready for a new QB not cus I dont like Cassel but tired of him being used as a scapegoat. Lets get a 1st rd QB so we can get past blaming Cassel for everything and get down to the fundamentals of y no QB will succed under these conditions.

F.A.U.L.T. and it is still Cassel’s FAULT!!!!! He is awful, but keep letting him line up under center. You might as well try to trade for Tim Tebow at this point.

Well it is too early to say I told you so, but it is getting pretty close to that time. If there was anyone on the offensive line that was holding their own today, I never saw it. The pressure was coming from all angles. I have stated many times that an offensive line has to have playing time together to really become what most on here have thought they were. I will say it again. You have Albert at LT who is just above average at that position, you have Lilja at LG who is small and getting older and had a poor year last year. At center you have Hudson who hasn’t played the position since high school, at RG you have Asamoah who graded out fair in run block and poor in pass blocking and at Rt you have Winston who has been a great run blocker, but just average or a little below in pass blocking and is playing with this group for the first time. That is a recipe for what you witnessed last week and this week. I think they might have a chance to jell by mid season if they all stay healthy. But by then all we will have to look forward to is next year. New Orleans are playing pretty poorly without their head coach and all the turmoil. We may be just lucky enough to steal a win there. But the rest of the schedule looks pretty dim.

Do they want Jared Gaither back? He should be able to help out their team from the bench!

We just suck

No argument here.

I stand by my comments. Romeo is a HORRIBLE head coach. The defense is embarrasing. There were a couple terrible coaching calls at the end. You don’t punt from within field goal range when you’re down by 32 and you don’t kick deep down by 25 in the fourth quarter. Man this is frustrating.

Romeo is a GREAT head coach, signed San Diego Chargers fans!

So we go 0 and 16 just to see another 1st round bust.

Matt Barkley will be a BEAST, but I bet that the Chiefs will screw up the first round pick somehow! Wonder where Dwayne Bowe leaves after the season.

Comon Barkley!!!!! I refuse to support te Chiefs financially any mor!!!! I went to Arrowhead last week when we got blown out. I bought $400 worth of gear I’m th offseason like I always do. I went to the bar today in full Chiefs garb and looked like a fucking moron. I will not watch the game next week as the saints will probably put up 50 against us. I am a lifetime chiefs fan and will alway be but until they put a quality product on the field I am done giving them money. This is just bullshit and I am tired.

Who is Comon Barkley?

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mess that is out in Kansas City right now. We face them in a couple of weeks and they still could be stumbling when we get into town. We need to keep beating them down!