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The Meltdown: Raiders Fans Call For Terrelle Pryor

By Ernie Padaon

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Already posted a MELTDOWN for Titans fans and for Chiefs fans, this time will post one for the Raiders fans. Hopefully we can post one for the Broncos fans tomorrow morning!

The Raiders were demolished over the weekend by the Miami Dolphins and now fans are calling for a change at quarterback. These crazy fans are calling to start QB Terrelle Pryor already. Feeling the desperation already in Oakland:

might as well start pryor. We are going nowhere might as well have some excitement for the season.

This is hilarious! Already giving up on Carson Palmer and NOBODY ever wants to see Matt Leinart start. Bring in Terrelle Pryor!

Seriously, watching Palmer or Leinart play (two busts btw) is like watching paint dry. Somewhere in the world an evil man is using footage of Lienart and Palmer to torture innocent civilians.

This is just a great quote… did I really say that about a Raiders fan?

our problem is we officaly have no identity , can’t run, can bearly pass, and defensive looked a lot different then Monday night , Allen needs to step it up and quick ,

The Raiders have an identity… BYE WEEK.

Wht not see waht he can do? Palmer cannot get this offense going, (although DMC being stopped doesn’t help him). We constantly get the odd 15-20 yard play off and then just stall. Not penetrating when we get in the opponents half and only one garbage time TD in the red zone to show for two games.

If Pryor shows something, get rid of Palmer, Seymour and possibly Kelly to get back some big cap space back for some serious rebuilding.

What they are showing so far is absolute rubbish.

We will gladly take Richard Seymour off of their hands. Just dumping everyone never seems like the best answer, but go ahead and try.

It’s too early to throw in the towel; we are still in the hunt for the super bowl. I don’t neccesarilly disagree with using Pryor in the red-zone however.

Another delusional Raiders fan!

The Chargers win and the Raiders lose! A good weekend for Chargers fans!!!