Viral Chargers fan from Monday Night Football debunks wild NFL conspiracy theory

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Chargers played their first primetime game of the season against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football and ultimately fell short, losing 20-17. While Chargers fans were undoubtedly frustrated, the biggest takeaway for the football world was not the fact that the Chargers lost.

Instead, the viral takeaway from the game was a dedicated Chargers fan who was shown going through every emotion possible during the game. This female Chargers fan was the epitome of Chargers fans everywhere as she went through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows during the game.

This newfound fame landed Merrianne Do on the Pat McAfee Show on ESPN Tuesday morning. Do explained her crazed fandom and confirmed that she was not some kind of industry plant from the NFL and that this is how she always is at sporting events.

Merrianne Do, viral Chargers fan, debunks wild NFL conspiracy theory

There legitimately were people on social media who claimed that Do was some kind of industry plant by the NFL in this nationally televised game. These people argued that the NFL paid Do to pretend to be a Chargers fan and to get crazy on TV to grow the fanbase.

The "Chargers have no fans" meme was taken so seriously that people actually thought the league would hire an actor to pretend to be a fan at a home game. Sure, Cowboys fans showed up for this game, but we can tell you here at Bolt Beat that there are plenty of Chargers fans.

Do confirmed that she was not paid by the NFL and that she is just a diehard Chargers fan. While she may not have gotten paid for Monday Night Football, this newfound fame may have opened a door for Do with the team.

The Chargers have highlighted popular fans in the past and have already changed their social media profile picture to a picture of Do. She may not be paid but the Chargers are definitely going to invite her out to games in the future as she has become a new beacon for the fanbase.