5 Chargers who deserve the most blame for ugly loss to Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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Despite having an entire bye week to game plan for the Dallas Cowboys the LA Chargers were unable to bring home the victory on Monday Night Football, losing 20-17 in the process.

Just like every week it seems, Justin Herbert had a chance to win the game late in the fourth quarter and the ball in his hands. And for the third time this season, Herbert and the offense fell short and lost a close one-score game.

Every Chargers loss is painful in a different way, even if they all blend together for fans. This loss was completely unlike the loss to the Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans and there are other people to blame.

5 Chargers who deserve the most blame for ugly loss to Cowboys:

1. Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert had a rare stinker that was the main reason why the Chargers lost. Yes, there were more external factors that led to Herbert having a down game but at the end of the day, Herbert had his worst game in quite some time and the offense sputtered as a result.

Herbert missed several wide-open passes and made the wrong or delayed reads. It was an uncharacteristic game for a quarterback who typically operates like a robot with both his decision-making and his throws.

This can simply be chalked up as being a bad game for Herbert against a really good Dallas defense. Chargers fans definitely underestimated this Dallas defense after the team lost to the San Francisco 49ers last week and this was a reminder of how dangerous it can be.

This does not mean that Herbert is going to continue to struggle or that the offense is in some awful position. This was a good defense that exploited some holes in the Chargers' offense and the quarterback play suffered as a result.