Tom Telesco reportedly may make amazing move for Chargers as Raiders GM

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Tom Telesco was fired by the LA Chargers the morning after the Bolts suffered the worst loss in franchise history to the Las Vegas Raiders. Just over one month later, that very same Raiders team hired Telesco to be the team's next general manager.

This was a move that was applauded by Chargers fans and equally defended by Raiders fans. The Chargers made the playoffs just three times under Telesco's watch, winning just two playoff games in the process. Now that he is in Vegas, Chargers fans are hoping that trend continues with a hated division rival.

Not everything Telesco did was bad for the Chargers (he did draft Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen, after all), but the list of bad moves does outweigh the list of good moves. However, Telesco may be looking to add to that list of good moves for the Chargers, even though he is now running a team in direct competition with them.

According to Vic Tafur and Tashan Reed of The Athletic, the Raiders have explored trading up for a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft, and have had discussions around the fifth overall pick.

Raiders may help the Chargers make a great move by trading up in the 2024 NFL Draft

Trading down from the fifth pick has been a very enticing possibility for the Chargers this entire draft cycle as the team can pick up additional draft assets while still landing a marquee prospect. In a perfect world, the Chargers could trade down and still select someone like Brock Bowers, who is in play for the fifth pick.

Any move down to the 13 would almost certainly have to include next year's first-round pick, as well as additional capital in the 2024 draft. The Raiders would theoretically be competing with other teams for the fifth pick, and would also be leapfrogging key teams like the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons in the draft order.

The Chargers obviously won't do this if something crazy happens, like Marvin Harrison Jr. falling to the fifth pick. But if Harrison is off the board, and the Raiders are looking to send a king's ransom, then it is certainly worth considering for the Chargers.

Last year the Texans traded a 2024 first, 2024 third, the 33rd pick and the 12th pick for the third pick and the 105th pick. The price likely isn't that high for the fifth pick, but it is comparable. Vegas may have to send the 13th pick, the team's 2025 first-round pick, and a third-round pick in this year's draft to make it happen.

If that is the case, the Chargers would be picking up a valuable pick in the first round next year and would be adding another top-80 pick to the arsenal. And if Bowers isn't on the board at 13 then the Chargers could always trade down a few more spots, pick up even more capital, and still land a blue-chip prospect in the likes of Jackson Powers-Johnson.