4 teams the Chargers may trade Khalil Mack to this offseason

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The Chargers could trade Khalil Mack to the Rams

Speaking of NFC contenders, the Rams are another team that has the cap space to make a Mack trade work and would benefit a lot from bringing the veteran edge rusher into the locker room. Plus, there is the added bonus for Mack that he would not have to move across the country yet again. He can literally play in the exact same stadium he has for the last two years.

If there are multiple offers of the same value on the table for Mack then the Chargers should absolutely do him the service of letting him decide where he wants to be traded. Of course, if the Lions are offering more then the Bolts have to do what is best for the team. But if the difference is just a few spots in the draft, letting Mack have a say is the right thing to do.

The Rams are a team that have not been shy in trading draft picks for talent in the past and Mack would be a sensible get for them. This would allow the team to bolster the defense without a long-term commitment and would allow them to go all-in on the shrinking window with Aaron Donald and Matthew Stafford.

It is not hard for the Rams to sell themselves on the idea of Mack and Donald on the same defensive line. If the team hires Brandon Staley in a lesser role after passing on him for defensive coordinator, it could make even more sense.

The Rams would have to create a bit more cap space to make it happen. As it stands right now, the Rams have $27.7 million in cap space. So the team has enough, but in order to make other moves, some more space may need to be created.

Creating that space is not going to be very difficult. According to Over the Cap, the Rams can free up $71.9 million with "simple" contract restructures, which is the sixth-most in the NFL. This would give the Rams $95.7 million in total cap space (if they wanted to use it all).