Former Chargers HC Brandon Staley loses out on yet another coordinator job

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Brandon Staley's third season with the LA Chargers truly felt like it was a bad dream as the Bolts were never over .500 and suffered the worst loss in franchise history to the Las Vegas Raiders. That loss ultimately got Staley fired, and paved the way for the Chargers to hire Jim Harbaugh.

All is forgiven in Los Angeles as Staley's self-destruction lined up perfectly with when Harbaugh was ready to make the leap back to the NFL. While Staley is still going to get paid around $4 million by the Chargers in 2024 as part of his four-year deal, the once-considered defensive guru is still looking for a new gig.

Despite putting together one of the worst defenses in the sport during his tenure with the Chargers, Staley surprisingly had multiple suitors who were bringing him in for defensive coordinator interviews. After what he did with the Bolts, many fans thought he would have to take a demotion all the way down to being a positions coach again.

One of the teams that were interested in Staley has made their decision, and it wasn't to re-hire the former Chargers head coach. Instead of reuniting with Staley, the LA Rams instead promoted pass rush coordinator and linebackers coach Chris Shula to defensive coordinator.

Former Chargers HC Brandon Staley has now lost out on two defensive coordinator jobs

It was surprising that Staley was getting so much coordinator interest from other teams and it is not shocking that those teams are going in a different direction. In addition to losing out on the Rams' job, Staley also lost out on the Green Bay Packers' job as well.

The Packers hired Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley to be the team's defensive coordinator moving forward. With the Green Bay job now off the table, there is only one potential team that may hire Staley to be the defensive coordinator.

That team is the Miami Dolphins, who mutually agreed to part ways with Vic Fangio this offseason. Staley comes from the Fangio tree and if the Dolphins wanted to maintain a similar defense then Staley would theoretically be the hire.

Chargers fans and Dolphins fans have engaged in a pseudo-rivalry because of the quarterbacks on each team. Adding Staley to the mix in Miami would only increase that rivalry, and would make the Dolphins a team to heavily root against for Chargers fans.

Whether Staley lands that job or has to take a bigger demotion one thing is clear: the Chargers made the biggest head coaching upgrade this offseason by hiring Harbaugh to replace him. There might still be some sour grapes with Staley but at least it led to a great thing for Chargers fans.

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