We asked AI what Taylor Swift song describes the Chargers and the answer is hilarious

If there is one thing Taylor Swift and Chargers fans have in common it is heartbreak.

Night One Of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Kansas City, MO
Night One Of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Kansas City, MO / John Shearer/TAS23/GettyImages

Taylor Swift is currently taking the entire world by storm as she tours the United States (and eventually the entire globe) with her world-renowned 'The Eras Tour'. Swift is set to wrap up the American portion of the tour in August at the home of the LA Chargers and LA Rams, SoFi Stadium.

Also taking the world by storm right now is the rapid development of artificial intelligence. AI bots have gone from the thing of the future to the thing of the present, with ChatGPT specifically being thrust into the spotlight because of its capabilities.

With NFL content in the month of July being hard to come by (there is a peek behind the current for you), we decided to combine the two most viral things in the world right now and somehow make it Chargers related. We already asked AI what superhero Justin Herbert would be and to follow that up, we had to ask it what Taylor Swift song best describes the Chargers franchise.

ChatGPT delivered, comparing the Chargers to one of Swift's biggest hit songs that is played every single night during The Eras Tour.

AI says 'Shake It Off' best describes the LA Chargers as an NFL franchise

There probably is not a single Taylor Swift song that describes any other NFL franchise more accurately than 'Shake It Off' describes the Chargers. After all, Chargers fans have had to shake off heartbreak after heartbreak for decades now. ChatGPT gave us three key reasons why 'Shake It Off' describes the Chargers so perfectly:

  • 1. Resilience and perseverance
  • 2. Rebound from adversity
  • 3. Embracing change

I mean, all three of those reasons make a lot of sense. There is not a group of fans that are more resilient than Chargers fans as they not only have had to deal with heartbreak after heartbreak (thus rebounding from adversity) but they also had to deal with a status quo-shattering move from San Diego to Los Angeles (thus embracing change).

Not every fan has made it through these heartbreaks and the move but those that were able to shake it off and remain fans are stronger than ever. And like Swift has been rewarded with superstardom, Chargers fans have been rewarded with one of the best quarterbacks in the sport.