We asked AI what superhero Chargers' Justin Herbert would be and the answer is great

Justin Herbert is a superhero on the football field but what if he was a superhero off the field as well?

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LA Chargers fans are extremely blessed to have Justin Herbert as the team's quarterback. After a decade and a half of Hall of Fame play from Philip Rivers, the Bolts did not have to jump on the quarterback carousel as Herbert swiftly proved he was elite.

The Chargers have real Super Bowl aspirations because of Herbert. While the Bolts might not be the favorites in 2023, the odds of them winning a Super Bowl over the next decade are as high as they have ever been. That is simply the fact of the matter when a team has one of the five best quarterbacks in the sport.

With the NFL slowing down and no updates on Justin Herbert's contract extension, we decided to have some fun with the world's newest craze, A.I. We hopped over on ChatGPT and asked it a relatively simple question: what superhero would Justin Herbert be?

A.I. says Chargers' Justin Herbert would be Iron Man if he was a superhero

The hero that launched the most successful film franchise in Hollywood history is the superhero that best compares to Justin Herbert. We can definitely get behind that. ChatGPT actually provided some pretty in-depth analysis to back up its claim that Herbert compares best to Iron Man.

The A.I. laid out four distinct comparisons between Herbert and Iron Man that ties the two together. Those comparisons are:

  • 1. Genius-level intelligence
  • 2. Power and precision
  • 3. Rising star
  • 4. Relatable charm

Quite frankly, we cannot argue with any of these. Herbert's intelligence both off the field and in his ability to pick up a playbook has been well-documented in his NFL career. He might not be discovering the secret to time travel, but he is a brainiac like Tony Stark.

Herbert's throws look like they were shot out of an Iron Man suit, so the power and precision comparison definitely checks a box. The rising star factor makes perfect sense as well. While Iron Man is an older character now for filmgoers, the character's fictional rise in the MCU as well as the movie's rise in American media are comparable to Herbert's rise.

The best comparison has to be the relatable charm, though. Herbert might not have as many zingers in his bag as Tony Stark, but he definitely is one of the most low-key funny players in the NFL and has a charming effect on Chargers fans like Stark does in the MCU.